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Today’s freebie is a Ticket PSD. If you have any projects that deal with making a ticket, please feel free to use this ticket in it. Also, please follow me on Twitter or Mojo Themes.

Feel free to download and use on all your awesome themes and items!

Ticket PSD

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  1. Joseangel July 22, 2014 at 10:17 pm

    Got the files. Thanks for sharing! There are some posts here from pepole who are happy and/or proud not to have either a FaceBook account or a Twitter account. Holy crap! It’s friggin’ 2012 and you call yourself a developer and you have neither a FB or Twitter account? Guess what, THEY ARE FREE. Man, I am just astonished by this. Old folks, teens, pepole who are effectively computer-illiterates can have them. Are you like hipsters or something where you don’t have them because it’s too mainstream or something? I’m really curious.


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