Welcome to the first in the weekly WPRoots series, Plugin Spotlight. Each week we will talk about a different plugin discussing various aspects of the plugin, why its useful, how to install and configure and any recommended settings.

For the first plugin Spotlight we will be taking a look at the Quick Page/Post Redirect by Don Fischer

Brief Overview

The Quick Page/Post Redirect plugin allows you to, as the name suggests, redirect a page or post to a desired URL whether that’s within your WordPress blog or a totally different website. The plugin also comes with a plethora of options so if you wanted to have the link opened in a new window then that’s no problem, what about different types of redirects such as a permanent 301? Then you wont have a single problem as this has it all.

Why would I use this  when I can use WordPress Menus?

WordPress menus only allow you to add single links, with this plugin you have alot more options such as adding rel=”nofollow” to the URL, changing the redirect type, open the link in a new window or easily and quickly turn the redirect on/off. You can even go further and enter a refresh time so that the link gets delayed and show a message while they wait.

Give me a quick run down of the settings

Once you have installed the plugin scroll down to the “Redirect Menu” and click on it, you should now see a list of basic and master options.

Basic Settings

Meta Refresh Time – If you would like to put a delay on the link then simply put the number of seconds you need into the field. For example, if you wanted to have a delay of 5 seconds simply enter “5″.

Meta Refresh Message – This is the message which will display while waiting for the refresh time to count down.

Override Options

Included with the plugin is several override options which will override all individual settings you have set on each page. These are self explanatory so I wont bother going into detail, if you have any questions about the override options please post in the comments.

Individual Post/Page Settings

  • Make Redirect Active – Turn on to make the redirect active so that it functions, simply untick to disable.
  • Open redirect link in a new window – Opens the redirected link in a new tab/window.
  • Add rel=”nofollow” to the redirect link – This setting tells search engines to NOT follow the link.
  • Show the redirect link – When you hover over the link it will by default show the link to the page as if there where no redirect and will follow your permalink structure. If ticked it will show the link you have put into the Redirect URL field.
  • Type of redirect – This is where you decide what type of redirect you would like, such as a permanent 301 or just a simply meta redirect.

How do I install Quick Page/Post Redirect?

Installing any plugin is extremely easy and can be done straight through the WordPress Dashboard in 3 easy steps.

  • Login to the dashboard, scroll down and click “Add New” under the plugins menu.
  • Search for the term “post redirect” and it should be the first one.
  • Click Install and you’re done!
  • Once you have installed it simply click activate.
Alternatively you can download the plugin from WordPress.org by clicking here. You will then need to upload the files to your plugins folder.