er Problem: I write such awesome content on my site that I only want really cool people to see it. How do I do this?

Solution: Welcome to the WordPress plugin Restrict Content from our WP Roots contributor Pippin Williamson. This plugin is gives you, the admin of any WordPress site, the abilities to set permissions for what any and all users can see.

How it Works:

After you download the plugin you will notice the “Restrict Content” link under the Settings tab. Click on that you can adjust the general settings for how your content will be viewed. You can set the notification that users will see if they are restricted from the content as well as set individual user level permissions. Very cool.


Now that you have set the general settings you can go to your posts or pages and select which content you would like to restrict. For this spotlight, I have input some text into the general Hello World post. Take a look below.


If you have done this go ahead and take a look at your site now and you should see the following when logged in and when your not logged in.


This a very simple example that shows that power of using the provided [restrict]…[/restrict] shortcode. In addition to the shortcode, there are some very easy options to designate an entire page or post. I would highly recommend using this Restrict Content plugin next time you need to add level of security to your content.