Brief Overview

WP3D Models is a Matterport-based plugin built for real estate photographers, commercial buildings, residential homes, as well as brick & mortar shops.  3D photography is a massively growing field where people can now experience the exact feel of a location virtually.   WP3D Models takes this amazing technology (typically Matterport models, but can also handle video, static images, and iframes) , and makes it easy to layer on natural fields, images, additional video, scheduling, agents & more with the SEO advantages of doing it all on your own site.  

Why would I use WP3D Models

The biggest benefit is that it enables photographers & owners of 3D images to seamlessly display that model on their own WordPress website.  You can craft the story you want to tell on your own site, with as many models as you want to add.  It also has a gallery so you can showcase several listings on a single page.  If you’re building a business, WP3D Models helps you build that brand on your own site, and gives you lots of flexibility in creating a site for your target audience.  

Quick Run Down of Features & Settings

Adding a Model

This can be as quick as simply pasting your branded Matterport url (be sure it’s “public”) and publishing it to the site.   You have your first model!  But there’s so much more that can be done, so keep reading!

Primary Content

You can add a Model Subtitle, as well as a WYSIWYG editor called the “Primary Content Module” to put in whatever free-form information makes sense, which can be keyword rich and targeted for your audience.  

Related Models

You can also include related models at the bottom of the page, to encourage site recirculation if you have many models to showcase.  

Model Status

We offer a small banner option that overlays the model image so you can let your audience know it’s “Sold”, “Coming Soon”, or customize the message that you want to share.  

Property Info Details 

This area provides a tabular view where you can list statistics relevant to the model in a natural format your visitors are accustomed to.  Often uses of this table include bedrooms, baths, square footage, fencing, landscaping, acreage, amenities, school scores, walkability, etc.


There are several ways to brand all models on your site, or brand each model specifically.  Depending on how you want to group and showcase your models and potentially your agents, we offer a lot of flexibility here.  


There is a specific feature for agents to present themselves with a photo, headline, contact info, scheduling, and social media links.  These agents can be assigned to specific models, or specific grouping of models as desired.  


With a Google Maps API integration, you can include the address of the model and we’ll showcase it on the page.  Users can zoom in and out, and enjoy all the benefits of a high quality Google Map.  

Any new features lately?

Absolutely.  We just launched a scheduling feature (an integration with Calendly) that enables agents to post scheduling links to the Agent section, or include a PopUp Widget that overlays the page and is small but visible as visitors scroll down the model page.  This allows agents to offer times for both virtual and live viewing with their customers.  

How do I install WP3D Models Plugin?

You can purchase an annual license here and from there you’ll get a link to download the zip file.  Simply install the zip file and follow the directions on the screen.  You’ll be up and running in a matter of minutes, and if you need any extra guidance, we have extensive documentation to help you through the process.